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The Climb of Faith, A Guide to the Principle and Power of Faith

Began writing the book in 1986, left it to learn more until 1996.  Wrote book in 4 years, and began to self-publish in 2000 with publication in 2003.  The first book written and published.

When I returned from an LDS Mission to Mexico City, my roommate’s father asked me what I wanted to do with my life.  I responded that I wanted to write a book. That was about 1981.  In 1986, I had the idea to write a book entitled “The Principle and Power of Thought.”  I began to write only to realize I still did not know enough to finish writing the book.  It was another 10 years before a young missionary challenged me, “It isn’t what you don’t know that matters, but what you know and can teach others that matters.”  I began writing once again and finished “The Climb of Faith” which took another 7 years to get it published. It was 4 years of being turned down by every LDS publisher that in 2000 I began to create SAbER Mountain Publishers and finally published the book in 2003.

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Is Your Tail Still Waggin’?, 21 Days to a Great Tail-Waggin’ Attitude

Began writing the book in 1999, based on an experience that I had when my dad died.. This book was published  in 2004.

This book was inspired by my dad in the last few days he was here on earth.  When I was with him taking care of him, once he turned to me and asked if my tail was still wagging.  I had to think about my answer but could tell him, “Yes dad, my tail is still wagging.  That has stuck with me since May of 1993, and I procure to keep my tail still waggin!

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