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Don-Alan Rekow is the principle author of Discovering Excellent Health, a co-authored book with 25 total authors,  which takes a look at ways to improve our individual health and collective health as a society.

He is also the author of There Is No Personal Power In Chaos which has been acclaimed as “one of the finest personal development books ever written.” He is the creator of the COnCEPT Q system described in the book. He founded SAbER Mountain Publishers and iSAbER TV to further teach the concept.

After having lived in Spain for 21 years, his recent return to the US allows him to focus on building SAbER Integrated Publishing Platform (SIPP) for new and upcoming authors. This hybrid model of publishing is designed to help authors target and sell to their markets without consistantly having to spend a fortune.

As an entrepreneur from early youth, one of his passions is to help youth understand business and consider the importance of building their own businesses as a viable means to rebuild the greatness of America, teaching them how to fish rather than putting them in line to get handed a fish.  Check out Business Kids Academy.